10:00- 11:40  THIS IS NOT THE END
drum&music workshop, facilitator: Branko Trajkov, Zagreb

About the workshop: Original name of the workshop is “Dancing Rocks”. Name itself, symbolises the dynamics of his program and it’s translation from passive to active, from movement to sound and rhythm.
Abilities and disabilities are all welcome in this workshop, as facilitator considers everyone including himself – “individuals with special needs”.
Like in a “Wizzard from Oz”: one needs a heart, the other a brain and someone just wants to go home…

Branko Trajkov – Trak is professional musician, drummer and percussionist of well known rock band “Zabranjeno Pušenje”. For thirteen years he’s been facilitating all kinds of drum circles, music therapy workshops, team buildings and educative workshops. Nowadays, he gives drumworkshops mostly in primary and high schools, and institutions for retarded and autistic children.

1. Radionice 005


THIS IS NOT THE END drum&music workshop, facilitator: Branko Trajkov, Zagreb

12:00 – 15:00 HOWEVER dance workshop,
facilitator: Justyna Wielgus, Warsaw

Abotu the workshop:  However dance contains gestures, the knowledge of dance consists in the capability to step away from gesture.In dance, you have to be able to make your own body the main object of attention. It boils down to evoking an impression, that you are not deliberately creating any specific figures or specific style.
It is like the bird hovering upon the wind. And this is what dance is about.

Justyna Wielgus – an actress, a dancer and a movement animator. She has been working for the Theatre Węgajty / fieldwork project for  12 years. She co-operated with dancer and the choreogapher Adalisa Menghini ( TanzFabrik/ Berlin). She carries out dance and theatre workshops in Poland and Europe


2. Rebeka Horn

HOWEVER dance workshop,
facilitator: Justyna Wielgus, Warsaw
Photo by: Rebeka Horn


18:00 – 19:00 ZES dance performance,
De Zeyp’s ZET6 group, Brussels

Performed by Janar Djuzumkulova Kim De Pauw Sophie De Breuck Lisa Gunstone Tiffanie Latruwe Ruud Peeters Ann-Sophie Schepers Andy Van Den Broeck Marc Vanattenhoven Bjorn Weymiens.
Performers assistance: Lora Geypen
ZES is an inclusive theatre and dance production directed by Caroline Rottier in collaboration with Ruud Peeters.

About ZES:  ZES is about love, being together and searching contact with ‘the other’. The performance is the result of a collaboration between all the performers and is a story in which text and movement alternate with humor and poetry.
ZES is a production of ZET6, Gemeenschapscentrum (GC) De Zeyp and vzw De Ark uit Haren (Brussels). ZET6 is an artistic inclusive project within GC De Zeyp and a platform for artistic work with persons with disabilities. In the context of working with disadvantaged groups, the project received a grant from the Flemish Community.











ZES dance performance,  De Zeyp’s ZET6 group, Brussels



19:00 – 20:00 NIKKI’S  STORY   theatre performance, Kids in control, Belfast
Performers: Jade Hale, Nikki McLaughlin and Noelle Kielty
Artistic Director: Kids in Control

About programe: A physical theatre piece, devised and performed by a young woman who is learning disabled and has overcome a great deal of prejudice and oppression in her short life. Nikki has endured disability-related bullying since primary school and, in the past, has resorted to substance abuse to blot out the pain.  Her family has suffered homelessness and eviction following sectarian attack and Nikki has developed health problems from prolonged glue-sniffing and a congenital spinal deformity.  Nikki is able to tell her story because she has become a proficient physical theatre performer during a 5-year association with KIC.  She is about to complete her KIC apprenticeship, making her eligible for paid employment as a KIC Workshop Assistant, and will play a leading role in the formation of a KIC adult disability project that will be developed over the next few years into an independent company.

4. Nikki

NIKKI’S  STORY   theatre performance

GUIDE US INTO ARTS Festival / PROGRAMME/ 24th of May 2013.
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