Educational Theatre as the place for overcoming discrimination of people with disablities

Workshop Reference number: 2012-1-HR1-GRU13-01891

Venue: Zagreb
Date of the Workshop: 08/04/2013 – 15/04/2013

From the 8th to 15th of April 2013 at the Cultural Center Trešnjevka had held the International theatre workshop “Educational theatre as the place for overcoming discrimination of people with disabilities” (EDUCATHE).

The workshop was attended by people with disabilities as well as other interested persons from eleven European countries (Finland, Latvia, Greece, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia).

The International workshop was the place of interaction between people with disabilities and the rest of society, as well as the space where everyone had the opportunity to express their creativity, mutual understanding and joint work on the performance, performed in the theatre hall of the TNT.

Subject area:
Addressing target groups with special needs
Artistic education, also including Arts and Crafts and Music
Social integration / exclusion


Workshop Organiser:
Centar za kulturu Trešnjevka (Trešnjevka Cultural Centre)

Contact details:
Park staraTrešnjevka 1
10000 Zagreb


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